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My cash has stopped flowing

Our business community can help to get things moving upstream again

Cash is king, but people rule.

After people, cash is the most important resource in any business. Business conditions are constantly changing, and the challenges presented by this can sometimes have a serious impact on cash reserves. In most instances, the solution to cash flow problems is people – members of your team, banks, investors, and anyone who feels like they are a part of your business and wants to help you succeed.

Team CB is part of that team, and we have helped many clients with cash flow problems in the past with the following funding solutions:

• Introductions to banks

• Assistance with peer-to-peer funding such as Funding Circle

• Introductions to private investors

• The Xero community

The solution is always dependant on individual business circumstances, and the injection of capital is not always the right solution. We work with our clients to manage cash flow and to understand their business better, and sometimes the solution can involve team members and new ideas for accelerated growth.

Whatever the solution, moving to cloud accounting will help to provide real time information and predict future business scenarios, helping the team to manage cash flow requirements with insight and confidence.

Key team members who will help

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