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Corporate Finance

Many people who run their business are entrepreneurs, not experts in raising corporate finance. Businesses often fail to secure funding simply because they don’t make the right approach, with the right information, to the right lender. Even if you have the time and expertise to make applications for funding – are you getting a good deal? Would a different funding mix be better for your business, now and in the future?

Our expertise and inside knowledge of how diverse lending bodies think is key to our success. Our ‘inside track’ to funding is appreciated by our clients, large and small. We open doors by supplying innovative funding solutions that are cost-effective and appropriate for your business and unlike dealing with a broker or lender directly, we are independent. We look for the optimum funding package for you, the client.

We don’t just raise the finance, we can help prepare the business plans and financial projections and, once everything is in place, provide cost-effective financial and accountancy services to businesses throughout the UK and globally.

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