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A journey to the Cloud was needed and a great exercise for this rapidly growing business.

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Hatt Health & Movement Clinic is very similar to Charlton Baker, in that it has always aimed to lead the way within its field of expertise. Having achieved rapid growth over recent years, the directors needed an excellent accounting system that could be shared by both teams, but which also allowed them to achieve greater insight and vision in respect of the company’s financial data. 

"Charlton Baker has enabled us to share real time data which is adding value to both teams."


Team CB introduced the directors to Cloud Accounting, more specifically Xero. Our team was already providing bookkeeping and business advisory services but using traditional accounting software meant more time was being spent on processing paper than offering advice.

Bespoke management reports were created and these form part of our regular meetings, where the numbers are turned into insight to help Hatt Health & Movement Clinic become even more successful.

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"Charlton Baker's support has been amazing. Being in the Cloud is a massive improvement and has allowed our businesses to continue to lead the way and focus on what’s important….....at the right time!"

James Hatt

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All historical financial data was migrated to Xero, which allowed a continuation of comparative information and both teams were able to move forward with confidence and speed. Quick decisions require quick and reliable information.

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