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Our dedicated bookkeeping and payroll teams can deal with all of your internal and in-year bookkeeping, payroll, CIS and business compliance requirements. At Charlton Baker, we can also act as your business manager, with services ranging from chasing debtors and paying suppliers, to helping with pricing and all manner of business administration and commercial decision making.


Our bookkeeping services work in the cloud with Xero and Quickbooks, and include accounting to trial balance, providing debtor and creditor reports, dealing with your VAT returns, and more. Our bookkeeping packages can be tailored to your requirements. You can be financially free by outsourcing to TeamCB.


We have a dedicated payroll bureau at Charlton Baker that can deal with any number of employees and pay-run frequencies, and are always willing to lend an expert hand to your payroll and CIS challenges. Our payroll services are offered on a stand-alone basis or alongside any other services we provide to you. 

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"Attentive, professional and friendly. I use Charlton Baker for my payroll and VAT returns. I pretty much depend on them for everything."

Archie Cook, Kookie Tattoo 


Redefine yourself and find your financial freedom.

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In partnership with David Weise & Associates, Los Angeles

We also specialise in music, media and entertainment business management, taking our bookkeeping services to the next level for our music clients, whilst dealing with industry specific needs, touring taxes, overseas elements, global tax planning and royalties.

"Withholding tax has always been a thorn in the side of touring international artists and something I personally thought was impossible to do anything about and baffled my local accountants...this was until I was introduced to the team at Charlton Baker whom understand all aspects of international accounting and claim back tax where due. My company as a whole has never been in such a great shape due to all angles of their care and advice."

John 00 Fleming, Producer & DJ

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