The client took the decision to move the financial administration of the Lettings team, financial control and financial management of the whole business over to us. 


Team CB impressed with our expertise and what we could offer, and an immediate rapport was built between both team and very soon a relationship built on trust and understanding was formed.

Strakers had always operated with an internal finance team, but due to succession matters the board wanted to use the opportunity to explore other solutions. As well as this, the internal reporting had become overly complicated due to the many cogs and individual elements that make the whole of Strakers a successful business.

"The level of service we get from TeamCB is exceptional."

An immediate impact was made, with our expertise allowing us to design and present management reports that were not only accurate and up-to-date, but also much more meaningful in the way they were presented both visually and verbally. This generated and continues to generate a vibrant and confident board room, with the numbers being turned into business insight and continued success!

The bespoke management information designed by us extended to important Key Performance Indicators for the business and allowed for a clear and meaningful analysis of the different areas of the business.


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"Charlton Baker do everything for us. They enable us to focus on what we do for a living."

Mark, CEO Strakers

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This action immediately allowed the Board to make informed decisions on how the business could become more successful. Sitting behind this, a global report was designed to allow the directors to better understand the business as a whole and keep better track of cash flow, allowing them to make decisions with confidence.


Helping a well-established business was a great challenge and this has led to a seamless service and complete trust in our advice and abilities.

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