Benham Bodyworks

Providing a much-needed repair using technology, expertise and trust to help free up more time for the client to focus on what they do best.


The client wanted to move away from their previous accountancy firm as it was very old fashioned. Their processes and ways of doing things were causing too many delays and was taking focus away from what the client did best.  

“Charlton Baker made things so much easier for us with the modern techniques that they use."

The client needed expertise and support that they could trust time and again. 

They also looked for a relationship that would always champion the most efficient and effective ways of getting things done to help save them time and money. 

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"The team over at Charlton Baker are very innovative with their practises and are the highest level of expertise we could ask for.”

Matt, Benham Bodyworks. 

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We love tech at TeamCB and knew from the outset that we could use our expertise and technology to make a huge difference to the client’s finance matters and free up their time to ensure they had more time to focus on meeting the demands of their clients.


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