Accountancy Redefined

4 Apr 2022

What does it all mean?!

At Charlton Baker, we set a clear vision and mission in 2016, and since then it feels like we have been onboard a rocket ship! Our vision is to be recognised as a team which has helped to change the face of accountancy. Our mission is to always lead the way in the Accountancy World. Alongside this, we leaned into our ‘why’, also known as core purpose, and created our values, which still stand firm today.

Every step we have taken has ultimately led us to redefining accountancy as you know it (check out Our Story for more on this). In a nutshell, our vision and mission have led us to creating a business that can do so much more than traditional accountants. We still massively value the core services we offer, but we have now evolved into your expert blend of accounting, taxation, business and legal services.

The (re)defining moment in terms of services on our journey so far is our ability to provide essential legal services, to our business and tax clients, or on a standalone basis as a one-off. These services include, probate, will writing and updating, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and also wealth planning services, which are essential in getting these things right. Inheritance Tax is a voluntary tax after all, so why not plan today to protect tomorrow’s legacy? This is why our expert blend of tax advisors, trust and estate practitioners, will writers and probate experts, stand us apart from many other accountants.

Chartered Accountants should stick to the numbers we hear you say! Everything we do focusses on the numbers, it’s just that now we can add even more value by bringing all aspects of our client’s financial and legal affairs together. Check out our Case Studies for more insights.

Jenna Hann, our recently appointed Legal Services Director and Head of Legal Practice, is our ‘expert blend’ personified. Jenna has been advising in tax for 19 years, is a Chartered Tax Advisor, Trusts and Estate Practitioner, has an Advanced Certificate in Will Writing (STEP) and is also a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians. Jenna joined Charlton Baker in 2017 and set herself a clear goal to grow our legal services department, and this is something we will continually strive for as a leading business.

Redefining accountancy means we always aim to provide the most up to date working practices, and service expertise. We put reputation above all else, including our bottom line. We’ve been offering fixed fees and have been paperless since 2008. We have a team of people you will want to talk to. And, we make sure we understand where the world is going.

Within all of this, we are leading the way with our cryptocurrency and cryptoasset expertise. Our journey in crypto started back in 2018 when we were non-executive directors to an exciting start up. For those who know crypto, our MD Scott Sartin, had the pleasure of working with Matt and John from Larvalabs, who had already created the crypto-world renowned Cryptopunks – the first digital art of its kind (now known as NFTs).

So what’s next for us? We recently acquired an accountancy practice based in Trowbridge, to add to our Devizes and Pewsey practices, increasing our team to almost 40 strong. If the right opportunities come along, we will continue to hold the mantle of Accountancy Redefined, and we hope to bring Charlton Baker to a location near to you soon..... even though we are very happy to work in the Cloud!

“I am massively proud to be appointed Director of Charlton Baker, and whilst my challenge now is focussed on growing our legal services department, advising clients in relation to complex tax matters is something I love and will continue to do.


Jenna Hann, Legal Services Director and Head of Legal Practice

I am also proud to be Charlton Baker’s first female Director, which I will embrace and approach with the same determination that brought me to this point. We have amazing leadership here, and I am very happy to be sat at the table as part of our leadership team and ever growing business.”

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