Certificate of Good Standing

9 Apr 2021

Need to prove your company is sound and in good health?
A Certificate of Good Standing is a document that can be used to show that a company is incorporated, has been in continuous existence and that no action has been taken to strike the company off.  A Certificate of Good Standing is issued by Companies House and the cost for standard service is £15. You can request additional facts to be included on the certificate and these are listed below. • Directors names • Secretaries names • Registered office address • The company’s objects • Good standing statement There is not a necessity to have a Certificate of Good Standing however, these are most commonly seen when trying to conduct business abroad and you may be requested to provide one by lenders, banks or investors. The company will need to be up to date with its filings in order to obtain the certificate and will need to meet either of the following two criteria. • Private limited company with at least one directors who’s a natural person •<span> </span>Public limited company with a secretary and at least two directors (one of which is a natural person)

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