Charlton Baker now offer Will Writing services.

10 Apr 2019

​As part of our mission to help you find your financial freedom, we can now write or update your Will.

When a person dies without a valid will, the estate must be shared out according to the rules of intestacy meaning only certain people would inherit the estate. 

Without a will in place, beneficiaries of your estate could receive less than you wish due to the intestacy provisions, as well as inheritance tax liabilities that could have been avoided had your position been reviewed at an earlier stage. 

Even if you have a will in place, it should be reviewed on a regular basis due to changes in personal circumstances for example,  if a marriage has occurred since your will was put into place, the will would become void (unless a clause was included in contemplation of the marriage).


Here at Charlton Baker we are now able to offer this will writing service, along with probate and inheritance tax planning so that we can not only help to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

We can also consider ways to mitigate the 40% inheritance tax arising on your estate so that more can be passed to your loved ones. 

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