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Charlton Baker diversity survey 2019

POSTED BY: Steve Little

10 April 19

We present the results of our first firm wide diversity survey. This data provides an evidence-based platform for us to develop our strategy and business plan for the years ahead. By undertaking the survey, we also meet a number of statutory and regulatory obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and the Legal Services Act 2007, following the licencing of our firm to deliver probate services.

At Charlton Baker we consider that diversity is an attribute of our society that has become a business imperative and we strongly believe that a mix of background, skills and capability give rise to an open-minded way of thinking, ability to embrace the new, and service a diverse marketplace. We also believe that it should cover the way we interact with each other within the firm and how we play a role within our own community.

Please feel free to let us have your comments in relation to the survey. We would be delighted to hear them.

Our highlights are as follows:


The firm demographic is predominately a young workforce. We consider that this has been invaluable as the firms grows and develops and embraces new technologies and seeks to deliver new service offerings, particularly within business advisory, which utilises cloud-based technology and also reserved legal services, including; probate, will writing and wealth review planning, each of which requires a mix of skills and lateral thinking to produce the optimum solution.

We continue to view this as a strength of the firm as we look to meet regulatory requirements and at the same time make a positive difference to the lives of our clients.


Interestingly, the largest respondent category was ‘No Religion’, which is a little out of kilter with the global 2017 results. This is perhaps a reflection of a general decline of the numbers actively embracing a faith, which seems in our case to suggest that this may be more prevalent with the younger members of our society.

At Charlton Baker, we are strong believers in having a set of Values that we all aspire to live by in our daily working lives and in our interaction with each other and our clients. We want to make a difference in everything that we do whether that be in terms of the service we provide to our clients, or team ethic and wanting to help each other, as well as how we interact with the wider community through the campaigns we sponsor and support. Our values are a fundamental building block in ensuring that we deliver in this regard and have been incorporated into our quarterly performance reviews with our team.

If you want to hear more about our Values, come and see us and would be delighted to share them with you, or you can discover more in About

Our full survey results are as follows:


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