The HMRC Charter

27 Jul 2023

HMRC’s 'Your Charter' sets out what the public can expect from HMRC and vice versa. The HMRC Charter is a legal requirement under the Finance Act 2009. The Charter helps define the service and standard of behaviour that taxpayers should expect when interacting with HMRC.

The Charter lists the following standards detailing what the public can expect from HMRC.

  • Getting things right
  • Making things easy
  • Being responsive
  • Treating you fairly
  • Being aware of your personal situation
  • Recognising that someone can represent you
  • Keeping your data secure 

HMRC is clear that they want to help taxpayers meet their tax responsibilities and claim any benefits, tax credits, refunds or other support to which they are entitled. However, HMRC will take firm action against the small minority who bend or break the law.

Taxpayers who feel that the service they have received does not meet the standards of the Charter can make a complaint to HMRC. There is a different process to follow if the taxpayer disagrees with a tax decision by HMRC.

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