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When it comes to running a successful business, Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Sustainability considerations are no longer optional, they are essential.

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What is ESG and Sustainability Reporting?

ESG and Sustainability reporting is a method for businesses to measure and communicate their economic, environmental, social, and governance performance. It’s a key platform for communicating positive contributions to humanity, nature, and the environment.

Why should I focus on ESG and Sustainability

ESG and Sustainability considerations are no longer the preserve of large and listed companies; changing expectations of consumers, employees, insurers, lenders, and investors, mean that every business has increasingly compelling commercial reasons to act sustainably.

Cost Reduction: Cutting out waste and inefficient energy and water usage, doesn’t only do good for the environment, it also benefits your bottom line. 

Risk Mitigation: ESG risks can impact your bottom line, so having an ESG risk management plan in place can help ensure your business is resilient and prepared for the future. 

Unlocking Opportunities: ESG isn’t just about risk management; it’s also about seizing opportunities to have a positive impact, not just on profits, but also on people and the planet. 

Enhancing Reputation: Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices enhances your brand reputation.  

Staying Ahead: ESG is no longer a trend, it’s a fundamental shift. By embracing sustainability, you position your business for long-term success. 

Are you an SME and unsure how relevant ESG and Sustainability reporting is to your business? We've put together a list of the Top 10 Benefits of Sustainability Reporting for SMEs

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Our team of dedicated sustainability professionals can support you in combining business success with a positive impact on humanity, nature, and the environment. 


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Our ESG and Sustainability Services

Carbon Footprint Calculation 

Understanding your business’ carbon footprint is the starting point for creating a roadmap to measure, manage, and ultimately mitigate your carbon emissions. Our carbon footprint calculation service offers valuable insights into your operations and helps you take meaningful steps toward reducing your environmental impact. 

ESG and Sustainability Reporting 

Our ESG and Sustainability Reporting services are designed to help your company identify the most appropriate reporting standards, ensure compliance, and effectively communicate your sustainability journey to your stakeholders. 

Sustainability Assurance 

As sustainability credentials increasingly become a critical consideration for investors, lenders, insurers and, of course, customers, the provision of third-party validation of sustainability-related data and reports can be a point of differentiation for businesses. Our Sustainability Assurance service exists to provide a level of assurance that you and your stakeholders can feel good about. 

Here are some questions to think about in defining an ESG and Sustainability strategy for your business: 

In what ways is your business dependent on society, the environment, and the economy? 

What impacts does your business have on society and the environment? 

Have you thought about the environmental, social and governance risks that your business faces? 

What is the long-term goal for your business, and what opportunities and threats do ESG factors present for achieving that goal? 

Can you define your business’ purpose, values, culture & strategy? 

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Together, let us create a more sustainable future for your business.