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VAT De-registration

POSTED BY: Justina Janaviciene

15 June 18

HMRC has published an updated version of form VAT7 for cancelling a VAT registration. The old PDF version of the form has been replaced with a print and post iForm version.

A compulsory VAT deregistration is usually required where a VAT registered business:

  • Stops making taxable supplies
  • Sells a business
  • Changes legal status
  • Disbands a VAT group
  • Joins a VAT group
  • Joins the agricultural flat rate scheme

A voluntary deregistration usually relates to businesses that do not expect taxable turnover to exceed the deregistration limit. The VAT deregistration threshold is currently £83,000.

A business that deregisters is able to make late claims for input tax on services received whilst it was VAT registered (subject to the usual VAT time limits).


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